Sunday, June 10, 2007

Working on Photos

So, looking through all the other brace-face blogs... you all are really good about posting photos of your progress, so I'm thinking I will do the same. Kinda fun :) So, I'm working on that!



Erin said...

It is extremely motivating to watch your progress through pictures. It really makes you have some appreciation for these annoying things. ;) They can be pretty amazing. My teeth are very straight and even though my bite isn't right yet, the straight teeth fools everyone. And I'm certainly happy with my progress! So, definitely take pictures and document your progress.

JEN said...

Hello -

Thanks for the info. I am 34 and I have severe teeth problems as I have ectodermal dysplasia. I am getting my bands on Thursday and then jaw surgery/implants eventually. Good luck!

Katherine said...

Hi Amy.

Just checkin to see how things are going with you now :)

Rob said...

Well, I'm taking that first step too - I get my braces on tomorrow morning! I have a bad bit that has caused me to brux (grind) my teeth for years and years, and along with that, I've suffered chronic tension/cluster headaches. At 44, I'm no spring chicken, but better now than never! Good luck Amy! :)

Nina said...

I'm 48 and had clear-bracket braces installed 2 days ago. the doctor installed bite stops because my top teeth came down over my bottom teeth and chewing meant hitting the brackets. So now my teeth don't come together at all and I can't eat anything solid. I am slightly regretting the option; I wasn't prepared for a year of a liquid diet. that's going to complicate a busy professional life. It's hard to imagine that I will get used to the uncomfortable feeling of all this hardware. I timed this with a push to get a PhD finished, so it was a psychological thing...heads down, focus on my life goals, may as well add misery to isolation; books are somewhat comforting and I can make lots of twisted facial expressions while I'm alone studying.

i don't know anyone else who has braces at my age so it's nice to find other adults who have motivations for patience.

Ed said...

Hi, Amy! I'm wondering about the progress of your teeth now. Just like the other adults with teeth problems, I, too, will have braces on. I'm excited for next week as I will be visiting my Ortho in Tucson, AZ. Dentists and other oral care practitioners there are amazing for they are very attentive and took good care of their patients. The treatments and services offered are also highly recommended.

Joel said...

Why don't you post your photos? I mean it would be a big help to you and your readers to trace your improvement. I have my photos with my porcelain veneers; Chicago dentists are so happy about it.

Right now, I'm planning to add some sedation dentistry(Chicago-based) photos for my blog readers to see.