Sunday, June 10, 2007

Working on Photos

So, looking through all the other brace-face blogs... you all are really good about posting photos of your progress, so I'm thinking I will do the same. Kinda fun :) So, I'm working on that!


Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's day #4 and I hurt!

So, it's been four days now - and today is probably the worst so far. I just feel really sore all through my mouth, and it makes me feel tired all the time. I keep telling myself, this will be worth it! So, let's hope I am telling myself correctly, right? :)

So today I logged onto google, and searched the web for ways to relieve the pressure in my mouth. I found a couple things I decided to order off an internet Web site ( . I decided to order Brace Relief gel, which is supposed to relief pain quickly by applying a numbing gel to the gums or cheek surrounding the irritation. I wanted to ask the computer "what if my whole face seem irritated?". But they also sold these "bite wafers" on the same Web site. Apparently by chewing on a Bite Wafer - it helps to relieve the discomfort associated with separation and wire changes by increasing blood circulation around recently moved teeth. They also stimulate, massage, and toughen irritated tissue. Oh - and they are flavored of course (everything braces is flavored somehow! haha). So you can choose cherry, grape, or bubble gum. I chose bubblegum, considering I can't chew gum anymore.

In my searches I also learned that you should avoid taking IBprofen for pain because it inhibits teeth movement. You should only take non-aspirin pain relievers. So, that was good to know and something my orthodontist didn't tell me. I would like to avoid pain reliever drugs because they make me feel drugged and groggy. Not really something I can feel when trying to run my own business in the midst of this ortho-treatment. Which is challenging! At least child brace-wearers can just go sleep off the pain! I don't have time for that of course, so I have to figure out way to deal.

The first day was a breeze, and the second and third were not so bad - but for some reason today I am just really sore and a bit miserable. But I can't really complain, and I'm the one that chose to go through with this voluntary correction. I could have decided to leave my teeth the way they were...but I'm glad I'm going through with it. 4 days with braces is 4 days closer to the teeth I've always wanted to have - so it's ok. And time and time again I'm told that it is totally worth it by those that have gone through the same thing I am going through now.

Welp - just thought I'd share... another day in paradise :) haha.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

The first day with braces...

I stepped into the comfortable, clean office with a video game room to the right and a counter with a basket of toothbrushes and floss to the left. I walk up to the counter, and I'm greeted with "Hi, are you Amy?".

2 weeks ago I strolled into this same office, just to have a consultation and to get an idea of what I might expect if I were to decide to get braces. Well, here I am 2 weeks later facing the daunting task of having them installed.

I am lead around the front desk to sign financial paperwork and I sign two or three legal documents to protect the orthodontist I'm sure. I'm then escorted back to the waiting area.

I sit in the waiting area for just a minute or two - gazing around. There is a mom and her daughter to the right of me, and a stack of childrens books off to the left. I feel out of place for my age, but I'm a confident person so I'm doing fine. Only 25% of patients here are adults. The remaining 75% are children.

The assistant comes to greet me with a warm smile. She is very friendly and attentive. For the next 30 minutes I get molds done of my teeth, photos of my facial structure and teeth as they are now, and xrays of everything from the neck up.

After this is complete I'm escorted back to a dentist chair. I sit down and now I'm in the reclined position ready to receive my top brackets and braces. I'm nervous, my shoulders are tense, my palms are sweating... what if something goes wrong? I think. But of course it's all fine. The only pain is a bit of pressure to help mount the brackets to my teeth - the rest is just being patient while the assistant finishes what the doctor started.

I chose the clear ceramic brackets for the top - they are a bit bulkier than the metal brackets, but much more appealing. The only thing you really see from a distance is the wire - so it tends to look like you are just wearing a retainer.

All in all it was actually pretty painless, and fast. I had marshmellow flavored molds, and cinnamon flavored tooth polish...hehe. One of the benefits of getting a service meant for kids. :) I look in the mirror and think "if only I could have had this done when I was a kid". So all you previous brace-faces who had parents paying the bill, be THANKFUl! And take care of their investment.

I have been getting the push from my general dentist since I was in my teens, as my jaw and bite are all crooked. My bottom teeth hit the roof of my mouth, and my top teeth hit my gums below my bottom teeth. This issue often causes soreness on my gums or on the roof of my mouth - and will cause chewing issues later in life. The crowding of my lower teeth is causing some gum issues and they are really hard to keep clean. Plus once this is over, I'll have the added benefit of a beautiful smile

So, here I go - started on my two year journey. I just turned 26 last month, so I'll be 28 when these are removed. Crazy to think about, and I'm sure it will seem like an eternity - but when it's all done, it will be worth it. I'll try to update this each time I have an appt. with photos. I'll be glad when this is all over. :)