Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's day #4 and I hurt!

So, it's been four days now - and today is probably the worst so far. I just feel really sore all through my mouth, and it makes me feel tired all the time. I keep telling myself, this will be worth it! So, let's hope I am telling myself correctly, right? :)

So today I logged onto google, and searched the web for ways to relieve the pressure in my mouth. I found a couple things I decided to order off an internet Web site ( . I decided to order Brace Relief gel, which is supposed to relief pain quickly by applying a numbing gel to the gums or cheek surrounding the irritation. I wanted to ask the computer "what if my whole face seem irritated?". But they also sold these "bite wafers" on the same Web site. Apparently by chewing on a Bite Wafer - it helps to relieve the discomfort associated with separation and wire changes by increasing blood circulation around recently moved teeth. They also stimulate, massage, and toughen irritated tissue. Oh - and they are flavored of course (everything braces is flavored somehow! haha). So you can choose cherry, grape, or bubble gum. I chose bubblegum, considering I can't chew gum anymore.

In my searches I also learned that you should avoid taking IBprofen for pain because it inhibits teeth movement. You should only take non-aspirin pain relievers. So, that was good to know and something my orthodontist didn't tell me. I would like to avoid pain reliever drugs because they make me feel drugged and groggy. Not really something I can feel when trying to run my own business in the midst of this ortho-treatment. Which is challenging! At least child brace-wearers can just go sleep off the pain! I don't have time for that of course, so I have to figure out way to deal.

The first day was a breeze, and the second and third were not so bad - but for some reason today I am just really sore and a bit miserable. But I can't really complain, and I'm the one that chose to go through with this voluntary correction. I could have decided to leave my teeth the way they were...but I'm glad I'm going through with it. 4 days with braces is 4 days closer to the teeth I've always wanted to have - so it's ok. And time and time again I'm told that it is totally worth it by those that have gone through the same thing I am going through now.

Welp - just thought I'd share... another day in paradise :) haha.



Erin said...

Hi Amy! Looking forward to reading about your adventure as you progress. A few quick things because I relate SO MUCH to the pain you're feeling. I had a really, really hard time with all of that my first few months.

- I wouldn't avoid the ibuprofen altogether maybe. I had never heard of it inhibiting movement. I will tell you that it usually helped me quite a bit with pain and if you're just taking it for a few days, it shouldn't be a big deal.

- Bite wafers: I don't have any but when I switched orthodontists last year, they said that biting on stuff after an adjustment helps ease pain. I was like, "Huh??" My previous orthodontist never said anything. Sure enough, biting on stuff DOES help! You can try sugar-free gums like Trident (I think that's the brand) or really anything. I've even bitten down on toothpicks!! It hurts pretty bad at first and after a few minutes, it feels so much better!

- I highly recommend Kanka for cheek sores caused by the brackets. It's better than Orajel or anything like that. (Get the brown stuff, not the Kanka brush stick -- it works a lot better.) Kanka was my best friend sometimes! Hang in there because it DOES GET BETTER! It's rough and it can take a bit, but watch how your wire starts straightening out and your teeth start moving because it's very cool and motivating.

Michelle said...

Go Amy! I am glad you took the Ortho plunge, it will pay off and you will be soo happy you did. I am 3 weeks into braces and like Erin said, you should see some relief real soon. I think after about a week my cheeks felt like they built up a tolerance to the braces. I rarely put wax on anymore. I am so proud of my cheeks, hehe. Anyway, I will follow your progress too, and yes, you need lots of pics! Chow! :)#)

Erin said...

I still get some sores (I have two now in the back) and they're just kind of this annoying thing but you just adjust. It's like you get used to music (ok, maybe noise) in the background. I don't even bother with the Kanka anymore. Hope you're feeling better!

Wired Lady said...

Looove the use of the word 'paradise.' Ha! Let me know how the gel works out. I'm totally curious.

Owl said...

So what ever happened?

Harry said...
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Harry said...

Hi, Amy! I can totally relate on how you must have felt during the first days of you wearing your braces. I used to have braces too, and the pain is just excruciating for me. But I'm glad that it's over now and I'm very much happy with the result! The gentle orthodontist was explaining everything to me which I find really helpful. He was highly recommended by my trusted dentist, Nashville based. During my regular dental checkup, I've actually befriended many friendly dentists. Hendersonville, TN, surely have a lot of interesting places to offer to its visiting tourists.

Thanks for sharing your dental experience!

CAves said...

You are probably finished with your braces now. Here it is 2012, and I just finished up. Hope your experience went okay. Mine did not. I pretty much had problems from beginning to end. Don't know how I made it. Now, I am even struggling with the retainer. Hate to say it, but for me, an older adult, it was not worth it. I am probably an exception, but I really cannot see how orthodon. can expect people, esp. adults who already have a lot of stress in their lives, to put up with all of that discomfort. I couldn't even begin to wear my rubber bands or elastics at night, yet they seem to think everyone should be able to do that.